Income tax return filing due dates for the Financial Year 2019-20

Category of Taxpayer Due Date for Tax Filing – FY 2019-20
Individual 10th January 2021
Body of Individuals (BOI) 10th January 2021
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 10th January 2021
Association of Persons (AOP) 10th January 2021
Businesses (Requiring Audit) 15th February 2021
Businesses (Requiring TP Report) 15th February 2021

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  1. bhudatt sharma

    Hi Mayank
    Happy Makar shakranti,
    Good start , i have a question, what is the difference between ‘Individual’ , ‘BOI’ & ‘AOP’?

    1. Mayank Gupta

      yes , individual means single person,

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